September 2015

New Membership cards coming in 2016

Along with the new Electronic Gate Access Cards (EGAC), which will be issued as membership cards in 2016, and were described in our last news letter, we are asking ALL members of our club to fill out and send in a new 2016 application, with updated contact information. All members includes everyone who receives compensated memberships for their volunteer work or contributions to our club.

Please remember – renewals (and new applications) for 2016 are not accepted until after November 1st!

Since we now have online payments available, we’re hoping you will use this method to complete your payment and application at the same time. However, the website also has the option to print and mail your application along with your check or money order as we have done in the past.

Thank you for being a responsible owner of our club.

New Electronic Gate Access Cards

Here is your new electronic gate access card (EGAC). This is a permanent access card that is renewable each year without replacing the actual card. Payment of your annual dues will be recorded in the gate access system, which allows you access throughout that year. This card is non-transferrable and cannot be given to others to use in your absence, as they have not signed and agreed to our waiver of liability. If your card is used for access to our range, you must be on the range, otherwise your range access card will be suspended. You’ll keep this same card from year to year.

These cards are expensive so replacements will cost $25.00. If you decide to stop your membership with us, we would appreciate the return of these cards, as they can be reprogrammed into the gate access system and reused.

To use these new cards you simply hold the card up to the face of the keypad and the gate will open. No combination is necessary. The new “Liftmaster” keypads are the ones that accept these new cards. The old original “Linear” keypads were left in place in 2 locations to allow range personnel to lock the gates open for club purposes. This option is not available for our regular membership.

The purpose of changing to these new EGAC’s is to reduce the costs we now spend in printing, laminating and mailing the old paper type cards, which used the gate combination, and had to be renewed and re-issued each year. This old system also invited abuse, by the gate combinations being distributed, either accidentally or intentionally, to allow unauthorized people to access our range. This unauthorized access opened our range to liability that could cause us to lose our range and/or our lease with the City of Boulder City.

With the new cards, your access in and out of the range is recorded for the club records and, as such, requires you to use the actual card to get in and out of the range. We will no longer have to deal with people on the range who forgot their card, and can’t prove they are a member. This also will facilitate the gate etiquette outlined in our last newsletter, which is repeated here –

“When using your EGAC to open the gate and there’s a car immediately behind you that will come through the gate with you, you can drive part way through the gate and stop until the car behind you holds up his EGAC membership card up, so you can see it in your rear view mirror. If you’re in the car immediately behind someone else, hold your EGAC membership card up, outside your driver’s window, so the person in front of you is assured that you are indeed a member too. We don’t want to speed up the closing of the gate to allow only one car at a time, because it may cause damage to the gate or members’ cars.”

With the issuing of these new cards we’re requesting that ALL members of our club fill out a new application to update our records. We would prefer that you do this on our website at under the membership tab, but if you do not have access to a computer, let me know and I’ll mail a paper copy to you, or you can pick up the paper copies at the RSO office.

If there are any questions, or you have any problems with this new EGAC system, please call the club at 702.293.1885 and leave a message, or better still, send us an email at

Thank you for being one of the owners of our club.

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