Three Gun

The Three Gun matches were started as an addition to traditional target shooting with special emphasis on home defense scenarios. The participants are timed during the running of these scenarios, not so much to see who is fastest, as to add the excitement and adrenaline that one would normally expect to encounter in a real shooting situation. The three types of guns used are pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

Match Equipment:

  • Pistol with holster, several magazines, magazine carries and at least 100 rounds.
  • Shotgun with at least 50 Bird or Buck shot shells and 5 rounds of slugs.
  • Rifle with sling, several magazines, magazine carriers and at least 100 rounds.
  • Safety equipment; Eye and Hearing protection. A waist mounted, thigh or IWB holster for the pistol.
  • No shoulder, ankle, pocket or other exotic holsters. These are unsafe for use on the range because these holsters allow the muzzle to cover you and other shooters.

Match Dates:

Second Saturday of every month.

Match Location:

Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club Members Range.

Match Times:

7:00 A.M. setup 9:00 A.M. Match Starts, Winter hours Months of September – April
7:00 P.M. setup 9:00 P.M. Match Starts, Summer Months of May – August (Night Shoot)

Match Fees:

All fees collected at the match event. See Activity Applications page for match fees.

More Information:

Contact the 3 Gun Lead for Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club,