Boulder City, NV.

Youth Activities

BRPC Youth

The Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club Youth shooting program is for twelve to eighteen year olds. The shooting activities involve reactive targets at various ranges. Optionally, the youth may complete the N.R.A. Junior Marksmanship Program.

Participants learn firearm safety, proper use and marksmanship of the rifle and shotgun. Care and cleaning of the firearm.

Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club membership is not a requirement. However, a parent/guardian is required to be present at the activities.

The Boulder Rifle and Pistol club provides firearms (22 Long Rifle, M-1 Carbine, AR-15 and 20 Gauge Shotgun), ammunition, targets, hearing protection, eye protection and certified instructors. Firearms are selected based on the youth’s ability to safely handle the various types of firearms available.

Other activities can include demonstrations and participation in the other Shooting Activities major events held on the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club range.

Activity Equipment:

A hat with a brim, such as a ball cap.
Dress for the weather.
Water and suntan lotion.

Activity Dates:

First Saturday of every month.

Activity Location:

Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club Courtesy Range. Initially meet in the large Training Trailer.

Activity Times:

10:30 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

Activity Fees:


More Information:

Please download the Youth Program Registration Form, fill it out and bring it with you.
Contact the Youth Lead for Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club,