New Membership Closed

New membership for 2019 is now closed.
200+ New 2019 Memberships were filled in November 2018.
Check back again next on Nov 1, 2019 for more info.

Over 200 new 2019 membership positions were filled in November 2018. Thanks to all those who applied, but we received far more applications than required to fill these new positions.

We’re sorry but we do not have the resources to send out individual emails to confirm your membership acceptance or payment, nor to advise you of renewal dates. If accepted, your membership card will be waiting for you to pick up at the conclusion of the range safety orientation (held on the first Sat of each month PROMPTLY at 0900). If not accepted, your application and payment will be returned to you by postal mail. Renewal information is posted on the website only.

Thanks again for your patience in this important endeavor.

For those of you who were not successful in obtaining one of these new memberships, please note that you are still always welcome to use our Courtesy Range.

Thank you!

– Your Volunteer Management