New Membership Closed

New membership for 2020 is now closed.
Check back again just before Nov 1st for next year 2021.

We had over 450 new member applications that were postmarked on Nov 1st 2019 for the 200 openings which we advertised. There were many, many more that were sent in either earlier or later, so we will not be able to award new memberships to all that applied.

We selected 200 new members from those applications that were mailed on Nov 1st, by a random draw, so not even all the applicants who followed our instructions (to mail only on Nov 1st or later) will be selected.

The board of directors met on Tues Nov 5th at the range and performed the random draw. While we do not have the ability to notify all those selected, we will attempt to get all the applications that were not selected returned to the applicants before the next scheduled orientation on Sat Nov 16th. Thanks again for your patience in this important endeavor.

If not accepted, your application and payment will be returned to you by postal mail. If accepted and your payment processed OK, your membership card will be waiting for you to pick up at the conclusion of any upcoming range safety orientation (normally held on the first Saturday of each month PROMPTLY at 0900).

We apologize to those who did not get selected, but please remember that our our Courtesy Range will still be open to all on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Federal Monday Holidays from 0800 to 1600 each day.

For those who are already paid and accepted for 2020: check the BRPC on-line calendar for New Member Orientations. You must be there at the BRPC Silhouette Range, be signed in by (before) 9am , stay for the entire Orientation, and then present a current Photo-ID to receive your new BRPC Membership Card.

Prospective members may attend any scheduled orientation. Reservations are NOT required to attend the orientation, but due to the increased interest in new memberships we ask that only the new member attend. If a family member must attend or accompany the new member, only the new member should sign the attendance sheet

Please note that an additional Range Safety Orientation has been scheduled for *Tuesday* December 17th, 2019 promptly at 0900 on the silhouette range, to accommodate those who have problems attending our normal Saturday orientations, which are held on the 1st Saturday of each month at the same time and place (late arrivals will NOT be accepted).

Thank you!

– Your Volunteer Management